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Information About Orthodontic Services

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Early ortho treatment addresses dental conditions while the jawbones and teeth are still developing and are easier to guide into their proper place.

Orthodontic treatment during the adolescent years is an ideal time to correct tooth misalignment and other jaw problems while the body is developing.

Adult orthodontic treatment offers a range of solutions to help adults of any age achieve the brilliant and confident smile they have always wanted.

Space maintainers are custom-made appliances that attach to your child's arch to maintain space in the jaw for the proper eruption of adult teeth.

Palatal expanders are often used in early treatment phases to gently widen the upper arch and enable proper tooth eruption, positioning, and function.

A bite analysis incorporates digital imaging, 3D intraoral scans, and a physical assessment to evaluate how your teeth fit together when biting down.

3D digital x-rays are an advanced, low-radiation tool for diagnosing conditions of the teeth and jaw that are difficult to assess with the naked eye.

Digital impressions are taken of your upper and lower arches and are used to accurately plan your orthodontic treatment for a straight, healthy smile.

Traditional metal braces are now lighter and more comfortable than ever and effectively correct several orthodontic concerns for patients of all ages.

Invisalign is an innovative, discreet treatment that gradually straightens the teeth through a series of customized and comfortable clear aligners.

Designed for adolescents, Invisalign Teen addresses a wide range of needs and features blue dot compliance indicators to keep patients on track.

Clear teeth aligners are a modern solution that offers adult and teen patients a discreet approach to attaining a straight and brilliant smile.

Fixed and removable retainers help protect your orthodontic investment by maintaining the positioning of your teeth when your braces are removed.

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