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Bite Analysis in Little Rock, AR

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Proper alignment between your upper and lower teeth is important for your jaw function and overall dental wellness. Teeth that are misaligned or do not fit well together when biting down can lead to a number of oral problems, resulting in pain or discomfort and damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw joints. To determine if the upper and lower jaws are in poor alignment, Dr. Michael Ashcraft is pleased to offer bite analysis diagnostic procedures to Central Arkansas patients. 

A bite analysis helps Dr. Ashcraft ascertain if you would benefit from orthodontic or other types of treatment. This assessment uses cutting-edge technology to comprehensively evaluate the relationship between your upper and lower teeth, record the amount of pressure each tooth exerts, and assess the biting force distribution in your mouth. A bite analysis can also identify problems, like a crossbite, overbite, and underbite. Your jawbone, jaw joints, teeth, and muscles are also examined to identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to or resulting from a poor bite. If you have jaw pain or discomfort or feel that your bite is uneven, contact Ashcraft Orthodontics Little Rock and schedule your bite analysis procedure.

Best Candidates

A range of signs, symptoms, and oral conditions may indicate the need for a bite analysis. Some of these include cracked, chipped, or worn teeth or restorations, crooked or crowded teeth, gum recession, pain when biting or chewing, jaw joint discomfort, and chronic headaches. Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) may also be a sign of an imbalanced bite. If you or a family member have any indication of bite misalignment or malocclusion, it is important to have Dr. Ashcraft perform a bite analysis to see if orthodontics can help. Leaving these conditions untreated may result in more debilitating symptoms and discomfort and the need for more complex care in the future.

What to Expect

Dr. Ashcraft invests in the latest advanced technology to analyze the bite and create the treatment plan ideal for each individual patient. At Ashcraft Orthodontics Little Rock, we use iTero® 3D intraoral scanning technology, low-radiation digital imaging, and a bite study to collect data regarding how your upper and lower teeth function when biting together. Dr. Ashcraft will also clinically evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw joint function. When the results of your bite analysis are finalized, Dr. Ashcraft will determine the best treatment options for your needs. These may include orthodontic care with braces or the use of a night guard appliance if teeth grinding is evident. In advanced cases, orthognathic surgery may be recommended.


If orthodontic treatment is needed to restore a proper bite, comfort, and function to your smile, it is important to keep up with your visits to our practice to have your treatment monitored. Any other conditions identified through the bite analysis should also be followed up with your general dentist or the appropriate specialist. Maintaining proper home care with thorough brushing and flossing along with routine cleanings and exam visits with your general dentist can ensure that you get the best possible results from your orthodontic treatment and minimize the risk of other oral health conditions.

Insurance Coverage

During a bite analysis, we use a range of techniques and imaging, some of which may be covered by your dental insurance. Our financial team will review your coverage benefits before we begin your bite analysis and let you know of any out-of-pocket costs. Ashcraft Orthodontics Little Rock is a provider for most major dental plans and is happy to help make your care affordable. We also accept convenient in-house payment options and partner with CareCredit® for low-interest patient financing.

Bite Analysis

Achieving a proper bite can improve your oral health and quality of living. Bite misalignment in Little Rock, AR patients may be signaled by chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth, pain the jaw, headaches, and other symptoms. If your bite feels uneven or you think you may need orthodontic care, a bite analysis with Dr. Ashcraft can help address your condition and restore comfort to your smile. For state-of-the-art care customized to your needs, contact Ashcraft Orthodontics Little Rock and schedule your bite analysis today.

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